✨ Free product - Giving your members a free product is a great way to thank them for their loyalty. It delights them by creating the same feelings as receiving a gift. It’s also a great way to move idle stock.

📝 Note: This reward type is recommended to be online only. If you want to have it available in-store as well, it requires strict staff training to ensure the item is added to the sale.

In this article:

  • How to create a free product reward
  • Tips for success

How to create a free product reward

1. In your loyalty app admin, go to Rewards

2. Click Add Reward

Add the details of your reward: 

3. Reward Title: Give your reward a title that lets your members know which product is free and gets them excited to redeem it

4. Coupon Type: Click Free Product in the drop-down

📝  Note: Do not select % off to create a 100% off discount, as this will mean that if the member adds the item to the cart multiple times, they will get them all for free. 

5. Discount amount: Enter the product's retail price

6. Points cost: Set the number of points a member needs to spend to redeem your reward

7. Under Advanced options, go to Apply to all items with these products

8. Start typing in the name of the product that the reward refers to. The field will provide you with options so you can select the specific product. 

9. Under Terms, enter any terms that you want your members to abide by when using this reward

💡 Top tip: It's a good idea to add a little instruction here - "Please add the item to your cart before checkout."

> Examples of terms to include with your loyalty rewards

10. Click Create

Your new reward will now show on the Rewards page of your loyalty widget and is ready for your members to redeem. 

📝  Note: When stock of this product runs out, you'll need to remember to update this reward. 

Tips for success

  • Get creative with your reward titles. Add variety and personality to your reward titles to create customer interest in redeeming rewards.
  • Create three or more rewards to encourage members to earn more and more points to spend. A rewards ladder gives your members more flexibility to choose rewards they would like to earn points towards and encourages them to spend more in order to achieve higher point cost rewards.
  • In-store - Make sure your staff know what your loyalty rewards are so they can inform customers at checkout. This will encourage your existing members to be active with the loyalty program, and new customers to join.
  • Find out what rewards your members like - try creating rewards with different discount types and amounts and measure their success.
  • It’s important to be sure you also include the relevant terms and conditions for rewards. Whether it's to encourage fair use or to protect your store, outlining exactly how and when your rewards can be redeemed ensures that your rewards are used as you intend them to be used. 
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