📝   Note: This reward type is recommended to be online only. If you want to have it available in-store as well, it requires strict staff training to ensure the sale is over the spend threshold.

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How to create a $ off spend threshold reward

1. In your app admin, go to Rewards

2. Click Add Reward 

Add the details of your reward

3. Reward Title: Give your reward a title that lets your members know what their reward discount is and how much they need to spend in order to use it 

4. Coupon Type: Click $ Off in the drop-down

5. Discount amount: Enter the discount amount

6. Points cost: Set the number of points a member needs to spend to redeem your reward

7. Under Advanced options, go to Only apply if order subtotal is greater than

8. Enter the subtotal amount you want the member to spend to be able to use the reward

9. Under Terms, enter the terms that you want your members to abide by when using this reward. Examples of terms to include with your loyalty rewards

10. Click Create

Your $ off spend threshold reward will now show on the Rewards page of your loyalty widget and is ready for your members to redeem. 


How do members redeem $ off spend threshold rewards? 

  • Online - The member adds their products to their cart and their unique coupon code to the discounts bar at checkout. If the order is over the spend threshold the reward discount is automatically applied to deduct the discount off. If the order is not over the spend threshold, the reward will not work. 
  • In-Store - 📝  Note: This reward type is recommended to be online only.
    If you want to have it available in-store as well, it requires strict staff training to ensure the sale is over the spend threshold.
    The member will tell staff that they have a reward they would like to redeem. The staff member adds the member's details and the products to the sale. The staff member then must check that the sub total is equal to or over the reward threshold. If the subtotal is over the threshold, the staff member needs to click redeem on the reward under the member's account. There are no checks in place to make sure the spend threshold requirement has been met. Here's more detail on POS reward redemption

Does the points cost get taken away from their balance when they redeem a reward?
Yes, as soon as a reward is redeemed, the members points balance is adjusted, removing the points cost, to prevent them redeeming rewards they are not entitled to. This protects your store. 

Why should I create rewards at different points costs?
A reward ladder entices your members to earn points to spend on your rewards. It allows them to work towards a reward that is appealing to them and gives them the choice of the reward that they want the most. Loyalty programs with 3-5 rewards see greater success, in terms of customer engagement.

Can members redeem more than one reward at a time?
Even if a member has enough points to redeem multiple rewards, they can only use one reward discount code at checkout at a time. This is set by Shopify to prevent discount stacking.

Can a member redeem their discount code more than once?
No, reward discount codes are unique and only available for one time use. 

How it works online - Your customers' experience

Your customers redeem their discount code at checkout as they normally would, however if the subtotal of their order is below your spend threshold, they'll get the message "Your cart does not meet the requirements for the discount code" and they wont be able to apply the discount until they increase their subtotal.

📝  Note: It's important that the title and the terms of your reward make it clear what the minimum spend is, so that your members understand how to redeem it.

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