✨ % off specific product - A % off discount that is only applicable to a specific product in your store. This discount will apply across the entire product quantity.

📝  Note: This reward type is recommended to be online only.

How to create a '% off a specific product' reward

1. In your loyalty app admin, go to Rewards

2. Click Add Reward 

Add the details of your reward: 

3. Reward Title: Give your reward a title that lets your members know which specific product is discounted

4. Coupon Type: Click Percentage Off in the drop-down menu

5. Discount amount: Enter the % discount amount

6. Points cost: Set the number of points a member needs to spend to redeem your reward

7. Under Advanced options, go to Apply to all items with these products

8. Start typing in the name of the product that the reward refers to. The field will provide you with options so you can select the specific product. 

📝 Note: You can select multiple products for the reward to apply to.

9. Under Terms, enter the terms that you want your members to abide by when using this reward
> Examples of terms to include with your loyalty rewards

10. Click Create

Your new reward will now show on the Rewards page of your loyalty widget and is ready for your members to redeem. 

📝  Note: When stock of this product runs out, you'll need to remember to update this reward. 

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