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  • Theme your loyalty program with custom colors
  • Customize your loyalty widget and loyalty emails 

Theme your program with color

Basic customization is as simple as picking a color to theme your loyalty widget and loyalty emails. 

Similarly, you can customize your loyalty tab to compliment your store's design and stand out.
> How to customize your loyalty tab

Helpful Tool: This HTML Color Code picker is a handy way to find your brand's color hex code from your logo.

Customize your loyalty widget and loyalty emails 

🔓  Advanced customization is unlocked on plans: Basic, Advanced & Pro.

Loyalty widget design

Customize your widget design - choose from 6 different layouts, then add a background image and your store logo to make it look right at home.

Loyalty widget text

Customize your loyalty widget text - write in your store's voice to show personality and better connect with customers. You can even use the text editor to translate to another language.

Loyalty program emails

Automate your member emails, choose what to send, and customize your loyalty program emails with an easy-to-use builder. Add your store's logo, images, and personalize the text to keep your loyalty messages on-brand. 

Adding your branding only takes a few minutes:

> Name your loyalty program
> Customize your loyalty widget
> Customize your loyalty tab
> Customize your loyalty email templates

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