Industry: Health & Nutrition
Integration: Shopify eCommerce

DREEM Nutrition's goal is to help athletes reach their peak performance potential. 

Their team is highly motivated, with a key focus on research, innovation, quality, and versatility of all products. Their evolution of cannabinoid and vitamin ingredients helps deliver their customers the best results and keep them a stride ahead of the rest. 

DREEM Nutrition uses their VIP CLUB to encourage repeat sales and get their members to spread the word about their store. They generously reward points for sharing their store on Facebook and for friend referrals, helping members unlock rewards faster while promoting their brand.

Here's what we love about their program:

💙 Their tabless loyalty program

DREEM Nutrition have added their loyalty program to their navigation, making it really easy to find. VIP Club is always visible as customers are browsing the different pages of their online store. 

💙 Their loyalty widget customization

DREEM Nutrition have matched their theme color to their logo and cleverly showcased their products on their widget background. Not only does their loyalty widget design look great, their customers can see the products that they can use their rewards towards.

💙 The way their members can earn points

The DREEM VIP Club members can earn points for seven different actions. DREEM Nutrition has chosen these actions to:  

  • Grow their Facebook likes and shares
  • Encourage more friend referrals 
  • Build member relationships with birthday rewards

Features that DREEM Nutrition are using: 

Shopify eCommerce Integration

Loyalty widget 

  • Customized widget design

Earn Tab

  • Create an account
  • Completing profile
  • Member birthday
  • Referring friends
  • Like on Facebook
  • Sharing on Facebook

Extra things DREEM NUTRITION are doing that we love:

Their video testimonial featuring Cory DeMeyers 

DREEM Nutrition's testimonial with professional athlete Cory DeMeyers provides product credibility and encourages customers who aspire to be like him to try their products. Cory promotes the DREEM brand by speaking about his demanding training schedule and jumps straight into the physical and emotional benefits that he's experienced whilst taking DREEM's products.

Their education and lab-result content 📋

DREEM Nutrition are focused on quality products that help athletes reach their peak performance potential. They explain the science behind the benefits of cannabinoids and vitamins, as well as providing proof in the form of lab results for the products they offer. Their educational content helps customers understand the strong benefits and why they should start using DREEM's products. 

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