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NaturallyCurly is a lot more than a gorgeous online store; it's a passionate community. Originally starting as an online discussion board, NaturallyCurly is now a powerful platform that includes everything a curly girl needs. Customers can share stories and photos, find the best stylists and salons, and seek helpful content and reviews, as well as shop for the best products and brands. 

Their NaturallyCurly Rewards program is a recent addition to their online store. They reward their members for every purchase, as well as for helping grow the NaturallyCurly community.

Here's what we love about their program:

💙 Their rewards program promotion banner 

On the homepage of NaturallyCurly's online store, they have a banner image promoting their rewards program. They've included a short description of their program to encourage their members to click Get Started to find out more and ultimately join. 

💙 Their loyalty program explainer page

NaturallyCurly's rewards program explainer page is stylish! It's a simple block layout, which makes it easy for customers to read and understand. One of NaturallyCurly's main goals is to continue to grow their community. They've listed their earning points options on their explainer page to make sure their members know that they can earn points by sharing their store. 

💙 Their loyalty widget customization

NaturallyCurly has a beautifully consistent color pallet and logo design across their entire store, and their loyalty program is no exception. They've customized their loyalty widget with their store's brand to make their loyalty program immediately recognizable as their own.  

💙 The rewards they offer their members  

NaturallyCurly has four enticing rewards, each at a different points level. Most of their rewards are dollars-off, giving their members the flexibility to choose what they'd like to use their rewards on:

100 Points - Free Shipping
200 Points - $5 Off Coupon
300 Points - $10 Off Coupon
400 Points - $20 Off Coupon

Features that NaturallyCurly are using: 

BigCommerce Integration

Loyalty widget & tab

  • Customized widget & tab design

Loyalty Emails

  • Customized email templates

Earn Tab

  • Making a purchase
  • Create an account
  • Member birthday
  • Referring friends
  • Liking on Facebook
  • Following on Instagram
  • Following on Twitter
  • Sharing on Facebook 

Rewards Tab

  • Free Shipping
  • $ Off storewide

Extra things NaturallyCurly are doing that we love:

Their NaturallyCurly Community 

NaturallyCurly has created an amazing community. NaturallyCurly's Style Nook provides a place for their customers to share inspiring stories, photos, practical advice, and more. 

Through the success of the NaturallyCurly Community, they've published their very own paperback book. Naturally named The Curl Revolution, it tells the stories of the curly hair industry and their customers, and features many of the leading curl innovators. It's available to purchase in their store and has rave reviews! ⭐️ 

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