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Integration: Shopify eCommerce

Skin Cosmetics brings famous brands that are otherwise not widely accessible to the Philippines. Driven by their passion for cosmetics, they've created an online beauty market to provide quality cosmetics and outstanding service to every beauty junkie, at all times.

Skin Cosmetics value their customers and use their S.C. Rewards program to give back as a thank-you for their support. They have created a beautifully integrated tabless loyalty program on their online store, and have added unique rewards that get their members sampling their products to encourage them to discover something new.

Here's what we love about their program

💙  Their tabless program

They've introduced their S.C. Rewards program with a dedicated banner on their online store, as well as adding links in their website navigation, making it easy for their members to find. The banner is a beauty in itself, fitting right in with their branding, with an enticing “learn more” button to encourage click-through. 

💙  Their creative rewards

Skin Cosmetics have created advanced rewards for their program.

Their rewards allow members to choose from a range of sample products that are easily found in their sample collection. This is a great way to introduce new brands and encourage members to discover something new that they might come to love!  

💙  Their Instagram Page

Their Instagram page bio is a great little introduction to their online store. They have used emojis to list the reasons customers should buy from their online store, including their rewards program. ✨

Features that Skin Cosmetics are using: 

Shopify eCommerce Integration

Loyalty widget 

Loyalty emails

Tabless program

Earn Tab

  • Referring Friends

Advanced Rewards:

  • Free Product Rewards

Extra things Skin Cosmetics are doing:

Their store collections

Skin Cosmetics have a beautifully simplistic online store layout. All of their products are organized into collections by product type and brand, making navigation a breeze.

Their customer support & live chat

Skin Cosmetics makes it super easy for their customers to contact their team from anywhere, including their homepage, in their navigation, and on a Live Chat tab that leads to their Facebook messenger. 

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