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Stage & Screen FX have had an exciting journey. Since opening in 2012 as Makeup & Theatrical Supplies, they've attended conventions and trade shows, held classes and workshops, and in 2017 their online business exploded, known today as Stage & Screen FX! Along with their expertise and enthusiasm for stage and screen makeup, they are committed to bringing the highest quality professional products, with unparalleled customer service!

Stage & Screen FX's loyalty program is gleaming with generous rewards and ways for their members to earn points. Their creative flair on their online store has been extended to their loyalty program—making it visually exciting!

Here's what we love about their program:

💙 Their loyalty widget customization

Stage & Screen FX's loyalty widget makes a bold statement when their members open it. Along with adding their logo, they've cleverly used a bright makeup powder image to frame their loyalty widget, matching their button color for perfect effect. 

💙 The way their members can earn points

Stage & Screen FX have nine different ways for their members to earn loyalty points. They encourage friend referrals and social media following, and they also do something a little different...

Stage & Screen FX are doing a Wandraiser! They are encouraging their customers to donate old mascara wands to local charity Applalachian Wildlife Rescue in return for loyalty points. The recycled mascara wands are used to brush fly larvae off injured and orphaned animals. For every wand donation, Stage & Screen FX manually adds points to the member's points balance.

💙 Their program is consistent across their entire store

Stage & Screen FX run one loyalty program across all of their store sites. New customers can sign up, members can earn points both in-store and online, and they have the flexibility to choose where they want to redeem their rewards—in-store or online.  

💙 Their rewards explainer page

Stage & Screen FX have added a Spotlight Rewards program explainer page to their online store. Their page makes it extra easy for customers to learn how to join and earn points, and it showcases the rewards they can redeem!

Features that Stage & Screen FX are using: 

Shopify POS & eCommerce Integration

Loyalty widget 

  • Customized widget design

Loyalty emails

Earn Tab

  • Create an account
  • Completing profile
  • Member birthday
  • Referring friends
  • Like on Facebook
  • Follow Instagram
  • Sharing on Facebook 

Here's what Stage & Screen FX has to say about their loyalty program:

"We love that our loyalty program allows us to reward customers for more than just their purchases, because our customers mean so much more to us than just their purchases!

So far we have found our customers to be very excited and impressed with our rewards program. We definitely think it will help us build a better relationship to the customer and aid in customer retention."

- Kate from Stage & Screen FX

Extra things Stage & Screen FX are doing that we love:

Their Instagram Posts

Stage & Screen FX's Instagram page has some amazing behind-the-scenes transformations that make for powerful inspiration for makeup enthusiasts. They use lots of relevant hashtags to help spread their content to like-minded enthusiasts.

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