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Bobbie Dogs is an online store for Wonder Dogs! They are passionate about helping owners ensure man's best friends' optimal health and happiness. Bobbie Dogs provides high-quality dog treats and a colorful range of dog accessories in honor of all dogs and the impact they have on human lives.

Bobbie Dogs have customized their Wolf Pack program to suit their Wonder Dog brand. They've customized their widget design and text, as well as making their program easily accessible for their customers, with both a nav item and a widget tab.

Here's what we love about their program

💙  Their loyalty program customization

They've customized their Wolf Pack program's display and text. Visually, their widget is on-brand with their logo, primary colors, and an image of their alpha dog, Bandit. Not only have they named their program, they have also customized their points label (“bones”) and updated their text to represent their brand's personality. 

💙  The way they reward their members

Bobbie Dogs also rewards their members bones (points) for eight different actions. They are aiming to:

  • Grow their social media following and activity
  • Get more product reviews
  • Build member relationships with birthday rewards

💙  Their loyalty program placement on their store

Bobbie Dogs have made it really easy for their customers to find their Wolf Pack program in their online store. As well as using a loyalty widget tab (Join the Pack), they've also added the Wolf Pack link to their store nav and footer and created a loyalty program explainer page. This makes it extra easy for new customers to learn about the program and join, and gives members an easy way to check their points balances, earn points, and redeem rewards. 👍

Features that Bobbie Dogs are using: 

Shopify eCommerce Integration

Loyalty widget 

  • Customized widget design & text
  • Customized tab text

Loyalty emails

→ VIP Program

Earn Tab

  • Product Reviews
  • Like on Facebook
  • Share Facebook
  • Follow Instagram
  • Birthday
  • Referral 
  • Create Account 

Here's what store owner Simon has to say about The Wolf Pack:

"The Wolf Pack helps us have a real connection with our customers and be more than just a shop to buy pet products. When they sign up to become a member and earn 'bones,' this grows our relationship with our customers and rewards repeat business. 

It also provides insight into our customers' buying and social behavior. We discover which social media channels they prefer, helping us to grow those channels in the right areas. This is really valuable to us, as we want to create a social audience that knows and trusts our products, values a strong loyalty program, and wants to stay connected with us.

The Wolf Pack is the link between our products and our customers, helping us create a community of dog lovers."

- Simon / Store owner

And here's what one of his loyal customers thinks:

"The Wolf Pack is so much fun! From first sign up, I was rewarded and then continued to earn 'bones' every time I shop! Not like other online stores, where I get a 10% discount off my first order and that's it.

It is super easy to use because I am always on social media and it is so easy to navigate through to earn bones. Sometimes I earn bones without buying anything. Such a great loyalty program for loyal customers. Thank you!"

- Loyal customer

Extra things Bobbie Dogs are doing:

Their rescue animals support

Their own alpha dog, Bandit, is a rescue, and they believe all dogs deserve a home. Bobbie Dogs are advocates of animal welfare and support local animal rescue homes by donating 20 percent of all their profits. They are currently supporting Sydney Dogs & Cats Home.

Their Instagram page

Bobbie Dogs' Instagram is the perfect page to follow for dog enthusiasts. They post about their products and local markets that they are attending, as well as their alpha dog Bandit's adventures. They have fun posting about great places to walk and exercise, favorite toys and snacks, and, of course, playtime with Bandit’s four-legged pals. 🐶

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