Industry: Pet Store
Integration: Shopify POS & eCommerce

Peticular are particular when it comes to looking after your four-legged best friends—whether it's what they eat, how they sleep, what they wear, or how they play. They are proudly passionate about product quality and style! 

Peticular have created a tabless loyalty program, full of character to fit their brand. They've added their Peticular branding and messaging to their loyalty widget, coining it the Peticular Paw Pals loyalty club, as well as a paws-itively impressive rewards ladder.

Here's what we love about their program:

💙 Their loyalty widget design

Peticular have personalized their widget text to let their customers know more about their Peticular Paw Pals Program to encourage them to join. In addition to their text, they've also added their logo and some furry friends as their theme image. Not only does it look great, it's also got loads of character, making the program friendly and inviting.

💙  Their rewards ladder

Peticular have created a reward ladder with five different rewards at varying points costs. This gives their Paw Pal members the choice to work towards whichever reward appeals to them. They can redeem a smaller reward or save their points and redeem a bigger discount later. Here's their reward ladder lineup:

  • 200 Paward points - $10 Voucher
  • 400 Paward points - $20 Voucher
  • 600 Paward points - $30 Voucher
  • 800 Paward points - $40 Voucher
  • 1000 Paward points - $50 Voucher

💙 The way their members can earn points

Peticular have seven different ways for their Paw Pal members to earn loyalty points. They chose these ways with a specific goal in mind. They wish to:

  • Collect more customer details, like birthdays
  • Grow their social media following 
  • Grow their customer database by friend referrals
  • Grow customer relationships on their birthdays

💙 Their program is consistent across their entire store

Their loyalty program works seamlessly across all of their store sites. New customers can sign up, members can earn points both in-store and online, and they have the flexibility to choose where they want to redeem rewards—in-store or online.  

💙 Their customized email templates

Peticular have set their loyalty emails to automatically send each time a Paw Pal member earns points, unlocks a reward, or redeems a reward. They have customized each of their email templates with their Paw Pals Loyalty Club logo and messaging. 

💙 Their in-store Paw Pals promotion 

Their Paw Pals program is also displayed on iPads around their brick-and-mortar store. Their program is strategically placed next to product displays and their counter, encouraging customers to join and existing members to check their rewards. 

Features that Peticular are using: 

Shopify POS & eCommerce Integration

Loyalty widget 

  • Customized widget

Tabless program

Loyalty emails

  •   Customized email templates

Earn Tab

  • Create account
  • Completing profile
  • Birthday
  • Referring friends
  • Like on Facebook
  • Following Instagram

Here's what Jon has to say about his loyalty program

“We've dabbled with a few different loyalty programs, but Beautiful Loyalty for Shopify is by far the best one out there in our opinion. We needed a program that worked seamlessly both online and in-store through our POS system. Simple to integrate and personalize, the Beautiful Loyalty has delivered beyond our expectations. The team are amazingly supportive and helpful, with no task too big or small! 

We have also been able to completely personalize the program to suit our customers' needs, and we are already seeing the positive benefits through great feedback and, ultimately, repeat purchasing. We cannot recommend the team and service at Beautiful Loyalty program highly enough for those looking for a cost-effective loyalty program solution that delivers results.”  

- Jon / Store owner

Extra things Peticular are doing that we love:

Peticular News

Peticular writes a blog that keeps their readers up-to-date on the latest Peticular news, whether it's about fun new products, developments in pet health and nutrition, or exciting store changes.

Selling on Facebook

Peticular use their Facebook business page as another way to sell their products. Their Facebook Shop tab makes it easy for their followers to browse, purchase, and share products with others. Their products are beautifully displayed on both desktop and mobile, sorted by their Shopify collections. 

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