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Double Comma Vapes is a passionately operated online store. Based in California, they pride themselves on their product quality, providing the cleanest and purist e-juice available! They control everything that goes into each product and make sure that each flavor is equally delicious to ensure customer satisfaction.       

Double Comma Vape's goal is to make their customers happy. They use their loyalty program on Beautiful Loyalty Programs as a way to say, “Thanks for shopping with us.” They've completely customized their program to suit the Double Comma Vapes brand and have created generous rewards that encourage their members to shop again. 

Here's what we love about their program:

💙 Their loyalty widget customization

Double Comma Vapes have added their logo and a stylish frame around their widget. They've customized their program text and their points label, making it feel like an extension of their store.

💙 Their creative rewards

Double Comma Vapes have created a reward ladder with a range of different rewards at varying points costs, allowing their members to work towards whichever rewards appeal to them. Their rewards range from dollars-off and free products to free swag. 😎
 Here's their reward ladder lineup:

  •  250 Gold Points to unlock - $5 Off Vape Juice or BOGOs
  • 500 Gold Points to unlock - $10 Off Vape Juice or BOGOs
  • 750 Gold Points to unlock - FREE BOGO (2 60ml of juice) 
  • 1000 Gold Points to unlock - 20% Off Vape Hardware
  • 1500 Gold Points to unlock - Free Swag (Shirt & Hat)
  • 2000 Gold Points to unlock - $40 Store Credit

💙  Their loyalty program placement

Their program is easy to find with their loyalty widget tab, as well as links in their store navigation. They have also included a brief introduction about their rewards program in their footer, encouraging their customers to learn more and sign up. 

💙  Their loyalty program launch email 

Their launch email generated excitement for their new program. As a generous touch, they also rewarded their existing customers points for previous purchases. This worked as an added incentive for these customers to log in and check their points balance, start exploring different ways to earn points, and work toward unlocking rewards. 

Features that Double Comma Vapes are using: 

Shopify eCommerce Integration

Loyalty widget 

  • Customized widget design and text
  • Customized tab text

Earn Tab

  • Create an account
  • Member birthday
  • Referring friends
  • Like on Facebook
  • Follow Instagram
  • Sharing on Facebook
  • Tweeting on Twitter

Advanced Rewards:

  • Free Product Rewards
  • $ Off Product Rewards
  • % Off Collection Rewards

Here's what Double Comma Vapes has to say about their loyalty program

“We were in search of a loyalty program with all the bells and whistles that also provided great customer service. We were giving up hope until we found Beautiful Loyalty Programs. They didn't have a ton of reviews (being a new app), but the ones they had were great, so we gave them a shot. So glad we did, as they have exceeded our expectations! The customer service is top-notch, and the program provides everything you would need for a successful loyalty program. Also, they have tons of help documentation articles for you to read, which helps a lot! 5 stars for this company! " 

- JJ  / Store owner

And here's what one of their loyal customers thinks

“Love your new rewards program. It's easy to use and I have already claimed a reward!” 

- Amber / Loyal customer

Extra things Double Comma Vapes are doing that we love:

Collecting Product Reviews

Double Comma Vapes use to allow customers to leave reviews, which they love! They have 383 reviews and counting. Having product reviews on their site helps build customer trust and encourages them to buy. 

Social Media Competitions

Double Comma Vapes also run competitions through their Facebook business page to give their followers a chance to win Vape Giveaways. It's a great promotion to convert their passive followers into customers and encourage them to sign up for their loyalty program.

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