Add a loyalty program section to your customer emails to make it easy for customers to join and for members to check their points balances and rewards.

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  • How it works - your customers' experience

How to add a loyalty program section to your emails

Step 1: Editing your newsletter template

First, you need to choose the template that you would like to add your loyalty program to. 

In Klaviyo:

1. Click Email Templates 

2. Choose the Email Template that you want to add your loyalty program to

Step 2: Create your loyalty program section

In your email newsletter template:

1.  Scroll to the section of your email template that you want to add your loyalty program to.

2. Under the Klaviyo Content editor, click and drag a Text section 

4. Click the Pencil Icon in the Text section to open the Klaviyo text editor

5. In the Text Content write a short description of your loyalty program

6. Customize your text font, size, and color to suit your brand

7. Then click Save Changes

💡 Quick Tip: You could also add an image block section here to make your loyalty program section more exciting.

Step 3: Create your call-to-action button

1. Drag a Button section to underneath your loyalty program description

2. Hover over your Button and click the Pencil icon

Now,  you can customize your button

3. In the Klaviyo Button editor, under Content, add your button text

You'll need to create a loyalty program link. Don't worry, it's really, really easy! Here's how to do it:

4. Go to your online store front 

5. Click the end of your URL

6. Add  /?loyal  to the end of the URL

For example:

7. Press Enter

Your online store will then show with your loyalty widget open.

8. Copy the URL

9. In Klaviyo button editor, paste the URL into the Link URL field 

10. Customize your button formatting to suit your brand

11. Then click Save Changes

Step 4: Framing your loyalty program section (optional)

Frame your loyalty program section to separate it from the rest of your email content. 

1. Drag a Horizontal Rule section to above your loyalty program description

2. Click Save Changes

3.  Drag a Horizontal Rule to underneath your button to close your loyalty program section

4. Click Save Changes

Step 5: Preview & Test

Take a look at your new loyalty program section on your email template.

1. Simply click Preview & Test in the top right-hand corner
2. Preview your email on both your Desktop and Mobile to make sure it works as intended
3. Make any final adjustments to size, shape, and spacing of your loyalty program section
4. Click Save and Exit

Now, you are all finished.

How it works - Your customers' experience

When you next send an email using your updated email template, your customers will see your new loyalty program section.

Here, existing loyalty members can log in to their loyalty member profile, and new customers can sign-up to your loyalty program. 

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