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  • When to ask customers to join
  • How to introduce your loyalty program
  • How to explain your loyalty program

When to ask customers to join

The best time to ask customers to join is when you are putting a sale through. This is when you have the most time to interact with the customer one-on-one.

As a general rule of thumb, you should ask every customer that purchases an item from your store if they'd like to join your loyalty program. These are the customers that are most likely to shop with you again.

How to introduce your loyalty program

Start a casual conversation at point-of-sale then gently ease into asking your customers if they'd like to be added. You could start this conversation by using the technique of complimenting the customer or even small talk, like asking what they have been up to that day. By taking an interest in the customer you begin to develop a connection.

The easiest way to ask your customers to join is:

This is simple and straight to the point. Your customers will either want to join your loyalty program or not. It's always good to have a few different ways to ask up your sleeve. To mix it up you could try:

This gives your customers feelings of missing out, that they didn't know they could earn loyalty points and encourages them to sign-up to take part in the program.

How to explain your loyalty program

Make sure your customers know the benefits of joining your loyalty program. Giving more details about your loyalty program will help encourage them to join.  For example:

Top tips:

  • Ask every customer that makes a purchase to join your loyalty program and be enthusiastic when speaking with customers who are already part of it.
  • Know what your loyalty program rewards are. If you can give examples of your rewards, customers are more likely to join.
  • If they say no, don't be pushy. Not every customer will want to sign-up, that's ok you'll get the next one. 
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