Keep members updated with points notifications, reward emails, and more.
Choose which of these emails to send to your loyalty members in the Email Notifications tab of your loyalty app.

🔓 HTML email customization is unlocked on plans: Advanced & Pro

Earned Points Email

Automate emails to notify members when they earn points. When turned on, this email will be sent every time a member earns points for purchasing and any of the ways to earn points that you have set, like social sharing, referring friends, and on their birthday. The email will let them know how many points they have just earned and for what action, their current points balance, and how close they are to the next reward. 

Reward Unlocked Email

Automate an email notifying members when they have earned enough points to redeem a reward. This email lets them know what reward they have reached and they can also click through to view and redeem your rewards with their points.

Reward Coupon Email

When members redeem a reward, they'll be sent their unique coupon code, so they can use it when they're ready. 

Referral Coupon Email

If you reward for loyalty members for referring friends, when a referred friend joins your loyalty program, they will be emailed a reward. This is personalized with their friends name and encourages them to make their first purchase.

Enter Tier Email

If you have a tiered loyalty program, when a member has earned enough points to enter a higher loyalty tier, you can automatically notify them by email. This email let's them know what tier they have just entered and how many points they will now earn on orders.

🔓 VIP tiers are unlocked on plans Advanced and Pro. 

> How to setup VIP tiers in your loyalty program

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