🔓 Easy-to-use email customization is unlocked on plans: Basic, Advanced & Pro

Easily design beautiful, simple and responsive customer loyalty emails with your own email customization tool. 

We've made it simple to customize your loyalty program emails with our easy-to-use email customization tool. The loyalty app also comes with HTML email customization on the higher paid plans, if you've got a designer to help you out.

Using your email customization tool, simply edit emails as you see them, upload images, and change fonts and formatting.  

Plus, you can make emails automatically personalize to your loyalty members using merge tags, such as 'member first name' and 'loyalty points balance'.
> Find out how to use merge tags to personalize email notifications

Want to take customization that little bit further? 🔓 Advanced HTML email customization is unlocked on plans: Advanced & Pro.

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