In addition to raising your Active Member cap, upgrading your loyalty program to the Basic plan unlocks a range of great customization options, allowing you to create a unique, branded loyalty experience.

In this article:

  • Widget design customization
  • Display text customization
  • Email template customization

🔓 Loyalty widget and email customization is unlocked on plans: Basic, Advanced & Pro

Widget design customization

Customize your store's loyalty widget design to show off your brand and make your loyalty program your own. Choose from 6 professional layouts, add your store's logo, a theme color, choose your font and upload a background image.

Designing your loyalty widget is fun with the easy-to-use widget builder and preview tool. Learn more about customizing your loyalty widget

Display text customization

Customize your loyalty widget text to add your store's personality or translate it into your local language. 

> Learn more about customizing your loyalty program text on the Basic plan

Email template customization

Easily design beautiful, simple and responsive customer loyalty emails with the easy-to-use email customization tools. 

> Learn more about customizing your email notification templates on the Basic plan

🔒 To access these features, upgrade to the Basic plan on the Billing page in your loyalty app.

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