Switching your loyalty program over without any hiccups is really easy and we're here to help you along the way. To make sure you get up and running quickly and as seamlessly as possible, here's everything you'll need to do, step-by-step.

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Switching your old loyalty program to Beautiful Loyalty Programs for BigCommerce process:

  • Set up your new program:
    1. Install the app and Pause your account
    2. Customize your new loyalty program
    3. Check your loyalty program settings
  • Make the switch:
    4. Get an export of your old program's members and points
    5. Upload your member database to your new loyalty program
    6. Uninstall your old loyalty app
    7. Add your widget to your online store
    8. Turn on your new loyalty program 

Set up your new program

Step 1: Install Beautiful Loyalty Programs for BigCommerce and pause your account

If you haven't already, install Beautiful Loyalty Programs for BigCommerce for free. 

When you install the app, your loyalty program is Active. However, it's not visible to your customers. As a default, all customer facing components (loyalty emails) are off

We suggest pausing your account while you set up. This means if you keep your old program running while you're setting up your new program, you'll only have one program running at a time.
You can pause your account in your Status page, by clicking Pause Program.

Step 2: Customize your new loyalty program 

Complete your set-up checklist to customize your loyalty program

Customize your widget design and text, choose how members earn points, and create your rewards. You may like to recreate the rewards and ways to earn you had on your old loyalty program, or start fresh.

📝 Note: While your account is paused, you wont be able to preview your program in your store. You can turn it on to Active in your Status page for a short while to preview your widget in your store. 

Step 3: Check your loyalty program settings

Go behind the scenes and check you are happy with your store's loyalty program preferences under your Settings tab

  • Store Details - Update your store name, currency, and name your loyalty 'points' label.   
  • Email Notifications - Update your sender name and email address so your members recognize your store's loyalty emails. 
  • Order Rewarding - Choose when members earn loyalty points for spending, and whether or not members earn points for shipping, tax, and on orders with discounts. Here, you can also check if there are any products or categories you'd like to prevent members earning points on and when to cancel points. 

We suggest following these loyalty program settings best practices.   

Make the Switch

Once you're happy with your loyalty program customization and settings, you're ready to make the switch.

Step 4: Get an export of your members and points from your old program

Get a .CSV export of your current member database, along with members' points balance. Sometimes you need to ask your old loyalty program app's support team for this.

This export should include your customers' : First Name, Last Name, Email Address
Their Current Points Balance is optional.

📝  Note: Email Address is required

Save this as a .CSV file, formatted like this:

If you have trouble with this, you can send it to us via chat at the bottom right of your screen. 

Step 5: Upload your member database to your new loyalty program

Upload your .CSV from Step 4 in your Members Tab. To do this:

1. Click Actions in the top right corner

2. From the Actions drop-down, click Import customers/points

3. In the Import customers/points pop-up, click Choose File and select your customer database CSV file.

4. Click Start Import

Your customer database will then be imported into your new loyalty program, along with your members' current points balances.

📝 Note: This import may take a 10-20 minutes, depending on the size of your database.

If you need a hand, please let us know at help@collectapps.io or via the chat icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Step 6: Uninstall your old loyalty app

You're loyalty program is set-up and your customer database is ready to go. Now it's time to make the switch. 

In your BigCommerce Apps Admin, uninstall your old loyalty app, by clicking Uninstall.

Step 7: Add your loyalty widget & tab to your website

The loyalty tab is designed to give new customers visibility of your loyalty program, to encourage them to buy with you over the competition, and to give your loyalty members a place to view their points balance, see the ways they can earn points, and redeem your rewards. 

Customers can access your loyalty widget form a tab on your eCommerce site pages. 

Step 8: Turn your program to Active

Now you're ready to make your new loyalty program visible to your customers.
Turn your program from Paused to Active on your Status page.

Once it's active, it should appear like this in your nav:

Congratulations 🎉

Now, your new loyalty program is up and running. New customers can sign-up and your current members can earn points and redeem rewards.

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We'd love to know how you found switching from your old loyalty program to your new one. We're always looking for ways to make this process easier.

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